When it comes to Yamaha Pianos – Your money is well spent. These sturdy pianos are made to last and the “quality for price” cannot be beaten. This is especially true for the Yamaha’s we commonly sell at Newfound Pianos. Obtained directly from Japan, our reconditioned Yamaha pianos are the best price in town. We stock predominantly U-series upright pianos and G or C series Grand’s. We often also obtain New Yamaha’s bought weeks before a relocation or by interior decorators that have last minute changes. It may be worthwhile to call as you may get the piano you are looking for with thousands off the sticker price.

Yamaha is one of the most recognizable brands of pianos in the world. Founded by Torakusu Yamaha in 1887 (with the production of his first reed organ), the first upright piano was manufactured in 1900 and the first grand in 1902. Until 1997 the company was called NIPPON GAKKI LTD which means “Japanese Musical Instruments” thought the brand was always named “YAMAHA” after the founding father.

Yamaha piano Dubai
Yamaha piano Dubai

Yamaha perfected their art of piano making in a very different manner from some of Europe’s top piano makers. Through the use of sophisticated technologies – their design engineers have studied harmonics and analyzed vibration in the various piano components. They even used ultra-high speed photography to watch how piano strings move during usage. This electronically detailed manner of piano making has resulted in a truly unique instrument that is chosen by many people to be their home piano. The bright and crisp sound of a Yamaha is something that lends itself nicely to learning the piano.

Our stock of Yamaha pianos is of the Japanese manufactured variety where we find the quality to be unbeatable. All reconditioned Yamaha’s we sell have had their cabinets polished, their felts replaced where needed and their string replaced if needed. For generally half the price of a brand new model with double the warranty, you should come give them a try.

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