Voicing is an adjustment of the hammer felt in your piano to achieve a full, smooth, even and pleasing tone in your piano. This procedure may involve the needling of the hammer head in different areas to produce the optimal sound intended for that piano, the reshaping of the hammer head to restore. the intended oval striking point or the addition of specialist hammer hardeners or softeners to produce the desired effects. Voicing is an art form of its own and often completed by a professional who has not only studied the subject but also gained extensive hands on experience.

The common complaint we get is that the piano “sounds too harsh” and this is an adequate way of describing what eventually happens to every piano hammer. After years of use and thousands of strikes against the piano string, Hammers naturally become compacted and deeply indented. The need to reshape the piano hammers back to their intended oval shape (and then subsequently adjust certain regulation points in the Action) is needed to bring back the intended and much more enjoyable original tone and timbre of the individual instrument. Long before a piano hammer exceeds its wear cycle, maintenance can be done to bring back the tone you thought was lost forever.