piano moving dubai

When you are planning your next house move, you no doubt have a little anxiety when you look at your treasured piano. After all it isn’t as light as the chair next to it or as easy to move as the dresser in your master bedroom. It is a specialized instrument, weighing what seems like a ton (or in some cases, just that) and in an awkward set up when it comes to weight distribution.

Upright pianos have all their weight towards the back and can topple precariously without the correct moving technique. Grand pianos can be downright dangerous to move without the proper knowledge. There is only one way to get them in and out of a location – on their side and on a specialized skid! If you see otherwise, you should ask them to stop right away, and call us!

Moving a piano is a task that’s best left to professionally trained piano movers. Newfound Pianos can assure you that your piano is in safe hands bombtech golf. We move pianos up stairs, in elevators on their sides, into small rooms, round corners, up hills, down a garden path and through windows. It isn’t rocket science! It’s about experience and using the right equipment.

In our climate controlled van we can transport your piano from point A to B safely, leaving you to worry about all the other things that a house move entails.

While Pricing a piano move is largely dependent on all the variable involved, we can assure you that standard rates do apply. The weight of the piano, the trained labour cost, the moving van, the equipment and the scheduling are all factors in determining the cost that generally starts at 300AED and rarely exceeds 1,000AED. Having to do strange and wonderful things to pianos to get them into your homes like turning them on their sides (uprights) or placing them “on their keys” in an elevator (grands) or lifting them with cranes in through windows are usually situations that entail “above and beyond” pricing and we are not afraid to decline a move we feel will either destroy your piano or jeopordise the safety of your piano or our crew.

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