At Newfound Pianos, it’s not just a job we have to do – it’s a job we want to do. For company owner Karim Dannawy, the piano has been an intricate part of his life since the age of 5 and his love for the instrument comes second to nothing else. Karim feels blessed with the opportunity to do what he loves each and every day and we hope that you will feel this through your experience with his company.

It’s simply not enough to just Love your piano. It needs upkeep and maintenance by the most discerning technician, someone trained to notice the most subtle issues before they blossom into problems.

At Newfound Pianos, the care of the piano is and always has been the backbone of the company’s existence since its founding in 2003. While Tuning is the backbone of service, the Voice of the instrument, the Touch of the instrument and the Appearance of the instrument fall next in line. Often times problems associated with the Piano’s Tuning are issues with the irregularities in the Action Regulation or in something as simple as the curvature of the Hammer Felt.

New Found Pianos Gulf
New Found Pianos Gulf

It takes more than just training to know what to do, but years of experience. That is something you can be assured of when you hire a technician from Newfound Pianos. Not only are they qualified and certified technicians but they are also experienced ones. Tuning is done by ear and not with the aid of a machine. Equal Temperament Piano Tuning is the key to the tuning of each individual piano and it is impossible to adhere to each pianos’ nuances without using the ear.

Nothing is perfect and a machine cannot offer the variations each piano has. The technicians of Newfound Pianos are also skilled in restoring a piano and this helps them identify the potential of an individual piano. We are happy to show you our skills if you wish for us to work on your piano. Pianos are magnificent instruments allowing an individual to utilize both hands, working in conjunction with each other, to create beautiful melodies and harmonies. The expression of each piece of music can be translated by the manner in which you touch the keys.

New Found Pianos Gulf

Also each piano has its own “character” and this is exemplified through the music played. Sure there are generalities to be made about specific brands (I.E. A Yamaha is a bright piano with a clinical sound while a Bosendorfer is rich in tone and timbre) but the most important thing to note is how the instrument is cared for. Some of our signature services are listed on this website for you to understand better what we can do for your piano. It all begins with its climate, then its regular tuning and then followed by the lesser known services that keep the instrument at its highest standard allowing you to enjoy playing it or listening to it.

For those prospecting piano buyers or players, know that playing a piano can change your life. In recent studies, evidence has been shown that playing a musical instrument involves practically every area of the brain but especially the Visual, Auditory and Motor areas. It can almost be like the brain’s equivalent to a full body work out, and like one of these, disciplined, structured practice in playing music, strengthens the brains function allowing us to apply that strength to other activities. For a more detailed look at this interesting topic watch this video:

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