Grand Pianos are truly the King of all Pianos, let alone the King of all instruments.

To some, The Grand Piano is an object of prestige or focal point of a designed room. To others, it is the ability to play piano music to its best potential.

The “double escapement Action” lends itself to quicker repetition and better overall functionality. Many of the Great Piano Composers of the 19th and 20th century wrote music that can only truly be expressed on a Grand Piano. The logic behind how the Action functions and the Damper system functions makes comparing Upright Pianos to Grand Pianos almost like comparing an Apple to an Orange.

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baby grand dubai
baby grand dubai

Little has changed in the grand piano design in the past 100 years. The shape of the instrument has stayed relatively the same with only embellishments being made to the cabinet, legs and lyre.

Attempts have been made by Peugeot (with Pleyel), and Fazioli’s “Liminal” design, to create a new more modern design which is interesting and certainly worth noting. Perhaps the price point would be most inhibiting in selecting one of these.

The Grand Piano was predominantly perfected by Steinway & Sons and their many patents can be found in many pianos of today. This is not saying that other companies didn’t have their hand in creating the modern piano however the most prominent is Steinway.

baby grand dubai

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