Sometimes it’s not a good idea to move your piano on its current wheels. Often times, piano wheels are there to enable slight shifts. Weather it is for cleaning purposes or for a slight adjustment to fit a piece of furniture next to it, you don’t want to damage the floor or the piano. That’s where we come in with easy solutions that haven’t crossed your mind yet.

For upright pianos, most often always equipped with Brass or Cast Iron Casters, we have Dual Rubber Casters ready to be installed. It might seem like an impossible task but with the correct equipment, one man can lower your piano onto its back and install these wheels as soon as you wish.

For an Upright Piano in an Institutional setting, you want to ensure the piano can be moved safely without possibly falling over on a young child. Specially designed piano dollies are available from numerous Piano Supply Houses, and are ones we commonly stock in our Dubai warehouse.

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Within minutes, your piano can be equipped with an easy rolling dolly made specifically for your model piano. For Grand Pianos, especially in institutional settings, movements over a large room, stage or theatre can damage the legs. The easy fit dollies we provide (one model shown here) can facilitate the movement of even the largest Steinway Concert Grand Piano by one person. It’s a worthy investment and we can talk to you about the installation and cost when you are ready.

dollies_wheels | New Found Pianos Gulf

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