You’ve seen a piano on or you’ve found a friend of a friend selling their piano. You think the piano is priced to high but you’re not sure. It shouldn’t be difficult to get the answer you seek. For 300 AED, one of our qualified technicians can go and assess the piano in question, after which we will provide you with a report of the condition, age and fair market value. Buying a piano is confusing these days.

Sometimes piano manufacturers have more than one facility where they build the same piano but offer it to you at a different price and you can’t understand why without extensive research – research we have done and are ready willing and capable of sharing with you. A couple of quick facts to remember: If its refurbished. – there will be evidence to prove this fact. The colour of the felts, the shape of the hammers, the condition of the outside cabinet, the clarity of the strings. If the name isn’t something you commonly hear about – then it can be good or it can be terribly bad –do your research! Some people are intrigued by a “German” name on the front of a piano associating it with excellent piano making when it could very well be an entry level piano made in China – built to last a decade and not ten.

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